Independent Sage Consultants

mybusiness partnership offers a team of independent Sage certified consultants that work directly with Sage customers as well as a number of Sage resellers and have worked on behalf of Sage themselves.

Our consultant’s technical knowledge and breadth of experience in a variety of industries combined with a genuine desire to help the customer make them an invaluable asset as part of your company’s team.  Call them in for a specific project or you are trying to address an issue.

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Project Management

With many years experiencing in implementing Sage 200 systems our consultants are well equipped to manage the introduction of any new or upgrade to Sage 200 cloud


We install Sage 200 cloud and Sage 50 cloud solutions onto mybusiness cloud all the time. We have worked either with other resellers or installed Sage into client’s own inhouse servers. We have a lot of experience.


To get the best return on investment on any accounts system you need to ensure that your staff have had the proper training. Our Sage certified consultants will ensure this happens.

Reporting& Excel

Most implementations of Sage hardly ever get the best reporting and analysis out of their databases. mybusiness cloud consultants can help you develop a business intelligence system using Excel that will inform to ensure you make better informed business decisions.

GDPR -General Data Protection Regulations

Comes into effect from 25th May 2018

  1. Q. What impact will GDPR have on my email marketing?
  2. Q. Can someone or a company ask to have their records removed from our systems?
  3. Q. How can my IT systems help in ensuring we are GDPR compliant?
  4. Q. Is it really critical that I have everything in place for GDPR compliance by the 25th May 2018?

Find out the answer to these questions and be kept informed of real world answers and how Sage may be able to help >

A breadth of industry experience


Retentions, CIS, job costing, applications, collating timesheets and WIP are all issues facing any construction company. Our consultants have over 10 years experiencing in helping Construction companies.


Automated order taking, website integration, sales analysis, bar coding and advanced stock management are all elements that go to support successful distribution companies. We have worked on a number of integration projects that have helped these companies achieve their goals.


How to manage production planning is at the centre of any production managers working life. Often using a plethora of Excel sheets and duplicated processes passes as the production planning system. Our dedicated manufacturing consultants have helped a number of organisations remove all that and implement an integrated Sage Manufacturing system.

Project - Service

Very often specialist procurement systems or project management solutions best serve the project-based / service enterprise. However, when it comes to the accounts the company still wants to rely on an industry standard such as Sage 200cloud. We have helped a number of service based companies integrate their vertical market package with Sage.

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